Most of us are too busy to make sure every invoice gets paid on time. This leads to cash flow problems when our clients pay late.

The Getting-Paid system makes sure your invoices don't get forgotten. It lets you automatically send a series of gentle email reminders to your clients when an invoice becomes overdue.

It's really simple but works staggeringly well.

Expect better cash flow without uncomfortable phone calls to chase money or more administration work.

Regular gentle reminders get your invoices paid sooner without offending clients.
Automating these reminders saves you time and money.
Invoices worth 55,353,547.87 paid faster so far

Who uses Getting-Paid?

We've got users from around the world. They represent a wide range of industries and professions. Some issue many small invoices each month and others just a few large ones. The system works well in either case.

  • B2C Services: the pool guy, plumbers, specialized travel agents.
  • B2B Services: IT support, employment agencies, couriers, web hosting, advertising, facilities maintenance, publishing and cleaning.
  • Professions where an hour chasing money is an hour not billed: lawyers, accountants, architects, designers, dentists and engineers.
  • B2B Sales. Our users sell everything from office stationery to ship fuel. This is for you if you offer any kind of credit facilities.
  • I'm thrilled at how it works...

    I had a phone call this morning from a customer telling me that he's paid 12 invoices so that he doesn't get that darned email once a week (Should have paid on time!)
    Fast Staff UK (Ltd)
    I started using your service and have one or two invoices that I loaded which should have been paid long ago.

    The one invoice that came in already paid for this service!
    XPro Solutions CC
    Calibration Services
    Well I must say the cash collection this month has been far easier than normal.

    The obvious benefit has been in releasing a staff member to concentrate on supporting sales efforts rather than spending hours and hours doing a job they really don't enjoy doing.

    I believe it will make a huge impact on our business.
    Creative Publishing
    Your system is great, it saves me a lot of time so I can concentrate on making money instead of un-productive activities like chasing debts
    Tayside Catering Equipment Ltd
    Hospitality Industry
    It is simple and easy to use, and has had a near 100% success rate for me.
    So, does it work? Yes! Well done on a great concept and fantastic product. Thumbs up.
    i-TEAM (Pty) Ltd
    Information Technology
    We have very close relationships with our clients and chasing money can sometimes be quite awkward. The benefit of your system is that it becomes less personal.

    Another benefit is that your reminders are sent out more regularly than we would send paper copies. Thanks for the system!
    The Edge
    Home Automation
    We are fully reliant on this system. The Getting Paid system helped a lot.
    MP Tax Consultants
    Tax and accounting services
    Getting-Paid has significantly reduced some of my clients paying times.

    Being automated with Kashflow my clients are automatically chased and I just receive the cheque a lot earlier than anticipated, which has helped improve our cash flow significantly.

    We will be using Getting Paid as our standard method of payment chasing for years to come.
    Johnson Technical Systems
    IT Support
    We have already seen a couple of the older invoices being paid and have had some replies informing us that we need to send to a different contact.

    I think the layout of the reminders and their frequency improve the response rate and payments. I think that the site is great at getting results.
    Cygnet Internet Services
    IT Services

    Why automatic credit control works so well.

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    The invoices that get chased get paid. It shows that you're serious about business. It's the same method used by your mortgage lender or credit card company and most of the other services we use. People are almost programmed to pay when their invoice is part of a system.

    It improves communication.

    Invoices get lost or forgotten. We often get an email after a reminder message to one of our clients (yip - we use this every day) asking for a copy of the invoice - which then gets paid. Reminding promptly means that problems get sorted promptly before unpaid invoices cause cash flow problems.

    How it works.

    1. Customize the reminder templates


    The system comes pre-loaded with 6 thoroughly tested email reminder messages that get invoices paid without offending your clients. You can use them as they are or change them to suit your business.

    2. Add invoices and customers


    Starting is quick and easy. You can type the the details in, import from your accounting package or address book, email your invoices to us or synchronize directly with one of the supported accounting packages. We know small businesses owners hate admin so we've kept it as easy as possible.

    3. Email reminders are sent automatically


    That's it. The first reminder will be sent automatically if the invoice becomes overdue and the system will keep working tirelessly in the background until you tell it to stop.

    4. Get Paid


    Life is good. Mark the invoice paid when the money arrives and the system won't send any more reminders.

    Web based credit control. PC, Mac and Linux.

    There is no software to download, install or upgrade. Access your account from anywhere at any time.

    Private, safe and secure.


    Your information is stored in a state of the art secure data center. Nobody can access your account without your password. We use SSL encryption technology to protect your data as it travels between your computer and our servers.

    Works with any accounting system.

    Our users generate invoices with Quickbooks, Sage, Pastel, some spreadsheets and even on the back of an envelope.

    We've built seamless integration with KashFlow, Less Accounting and Xero with more coming soon.

    You can automate your credit control, save a significant amount of time and improve your cash flow no matter how you generate your invoices. You can import your client list and invoices from CSV files or type them in by hand.

    Don't outsource credit control. Try this first.

    Most of our users find that their customer respond well and their invoices are paid very quickly. The record so far is 30 minutes from the start of the trial to the first invoice being paid.

    • Low Monthly Fee - no matter how many invoices you have. Compare this with outsourcing where the costs are usually charged per invoice or per action (call or letter). This adds up quickly. Getting paid on time should not eat into your profit.
    • Stay close to your clients. With the Getting-Paid system you know exactly what's being said to your clients. Credit control services often use minimum wage call centers in order to be profitable. Face it - nobody else is ever going to love your customers the way you do.
    • Getting-Paid only takes a few minutes work per invoice compared with a pile of extra admin, forms and red tape needed when outsourcing or factoring.
    • You're in control. Start or stop reminders anytime. Adjust the system to suit your business exactly.
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